iPhone/iPad Instructions

Step 1: Tap Settings
iOS Step 1

Step 2: Tap "Wi-Fi"
iOS Step 1

Step 3: Turn Wi-Fi on if needed
iOS Step 2

Step 4: Under "Choose A Network...," select "Other..."
iOS Step 4

Step 5: Enter "wps-wlan" in the "Name" field, then tap "Security"
iOS Step 5

Step 6: Select "WPA2 Enterprise" and tap "Other Network" at the top to return to the previous screen
iOS Step 6

Step 7: Enter your WPS username and password in the appropriate fields
iOS Step 7

Step 8: Tap "Join" in the upper-right corner
iOS Step 8

Step 9: Trust the certificate by tapping "Trust" in the upper-right corner. The certificate will be named "TSO-RADIUS02" or "SHS-RADIUS02"
iOS Step 9

Step 10: Verify that you are connected to "wps-wlan" by observing a check next to "wps-wlan"
iOS Step 10